Eagle Group Partners LLC

Creating Technology


Board Formation and Sourcing
Eagle Group Partners' associates include senior industry leaders at the CEO, CFO, and CTO levels and U.S. DOD retired general officers.  The experience and background of Eagle Group Partners' associates are matched with the specific market and/or technical sector of both the International firm and its target subsidiary to form proxy boards that support the needs of both the U.S. entity and its International parent companies. In addition, special attention is given to ensure that the required security clearance levels are met. Board members serve on an as-needed basis and for up to four yearly meetings. 

Alternatively, Eagle Group Partners will work with board members preselected by the acquiring company to ensure that they meet the DOD rules and regulations for proxy boards.

Following proxy- por SSSA-board formation Eagle Group Partners will provide support to board members with ongoing education, training, and compliance services.

Eagle Group Partners Educational and Training Services
Eagle Group Partners provides a variety of education and training tools for organizations, board members, and individuals on the roles and responsibilities necessary to meet legal obligations, reporting requirements, and company expectations requirements in all countries involved.

Compliance Monitoring
With the continued involvement of Eagle Group Partners International companies will meet U.S. Government legal, reporting, and contractual requirements.  Optional services include:
•    Yearly review during a scheduled board meetings.
•    Audit of company-provided documentation.